EEO Posters: Is Your Business Ready for Increased Penalties?

Most business owners know that the law requires them to hang an Equal Employment Opportunity ("EEO") poster in their workplace. But did you know the federal government is more than DOUBLING the penalty for businesses who ignore this posting rule? The fine for non-compliance used to be $210. Soon, businesses who do not have the required posters hanging in the workplace will face penalties up to $525 for each violation. The new posting penalties take effect next month (July 2016).

TAKE-AWAY: Business owners should immediately partner with legal counsel or HR to (1) evaluate their current posters, (2) print and hang updated posters if needed, and (3) ensure posters are in a "conspicuous" place as required by federal law. Businesses with employees who rarely visit the physical workplace may also need to distribute the EEO poster electronically. You can download and print "EEO Is The Law" posters from free at this address -