"Reverse Discrimination" Over The Mighty Mississippi River

In February 2016, a federal appeals court (7th Cir.) opened the floodgates of a stagnant "reverse discrimination" case.  Crane Operator Terry Deets (White) was hired to help a trio of construction companies build a bridge across the mighty Mississippi River.   Two months later, Mr. Deets was fired and replaced by a Black crane operator.   Mr. Deets claims his boss told him that he was being fired because the federal government required them to have more minority workers on the job, but the boss denies making that comment.  The case will now go to trial court to resolve the swirling he-said/he-said dilemma. 

TAKE-AWAY: The current of discrimination flows both ways.  Everyone is protected from discrimination, regardless of race, color, gender, etc.  Make sure your employees and managers receive annual discrimination/harassment training to help keep them (and your business) out of trouble!