ACT NOW - Overtime Laws Are Changing!!

On December 1st, the U.S. overtime laws will change dramatically - giving more money to employees (supposedly) and more headaches to employers (definitely!).  Is your business ready for the new legal rules?  If not, now is the time to prepare!  Follow these steps today:  

1.  AUDIT: Work with your HR team or Employer-Lawyer to audit the salaries and duties of all employees.

2.  IDENTIFY: Determine which persons/positions will be affected by the new federal overtime pay rules.

3.  CHANGE: Adjust salaries, work schedules, employee count and employee status (exempt vs. non-exempt, salaried vs. hourly) to ensure compliance with the new overtime rules before they take effect.  

4.  TRAIN: Teach employees, supervisors and managers how to comply with the new overtime rules to keep themselves (and your business) out of trouble.

TAKE-AWAY: Time is running out.  ACT NOW to ensure your business is in compliance with the new federal overtime pay rules.  Call Employer-Lawyer today!